On Science Fiction


Having read Stranger In a Strange Land and A Clockwork Orange recently (and having just begun Asimov’s Foundation), I am increasingly convinced that Science Fiction has more to say about the human race that the average genre.

Science Fiction Books

Sadly, Science Fiction has been relegated to the outskirts of many people’s circle of literary respect.  After taking a course where I was asked to open my heart to all genre fiction and  to see that each category has not only its strengths and weaknesses but its own history, legacy, and place in society, I have respect for everything from Westerns to Horror.  While Science Fiction usually garners more respect than Romance or Comics, it can be stigmatized by some writers.  In my opinion, Literary Fiction and Science Fiction need not be mutually exclusive.

Check out my Prezi on why you should read SF:

         Science Fiction: Microcosm of Humanity

Science fiction is a catalyst for thought, a vehicle through which some of the most frightening and exciting ideas can be played out and where humanity reveals itself as familiar yet capable of achieving galactic goals.

  1. Liz Tucker said:

    Maybe now I’ll give Science Fiction a try…

    • Trip Tucker said:

      Science fiction is a hidden gem, never appreciated until explored. Then it becomes one of those regrets for having waited so long…

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