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On the clock

looking down at the thin

minutes skipping in place

looking down on the seated

couple, a fly buzz buzzes under

their table looking down

a wide expanse of floor

like a polluted sky hugged and pinned down

on concrete cold foundation,

worms of carpet grass hold it in place.

Off the clock!

Looking up, chalking

every sound up to chirping

of the freedom birds, up up

and dash it doesn’t matter

wiggle toes, close the door, and away

and up to the self you cultivate

on the fly


For Christmas I made a wineglass set for my parents.  After painting the bases of the wineglasses with chalkboard paint, I began construction on the structure.  I began with two pieces of wood and cut each in half.  Then I plotted an arrangement of  wineglasses that would allow them to hang without overlapping.

 I then drilled holes and used a handsaw to cut out the sides of each notch.  After much sanding, I hammered the two side columns into place and finally the top piece.  I varnished the structure and attached felt to the bottom.