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Tonight will be the third night I watch my solar powered Christmas lights detect nightfall and start shining.  Talk about Science Fiction—the lights came with a small solar panel that faces south and collects light even on overcast days.

Solar Panel Solar Lights

Solar energy is something that I have always wanted to work.  It makes such good sense—plants are all solar powered, trees and grass and even we, to a certain extent, are solar powered.  But always, standing in the way, are the arguments that it is both too inefficient and too expensive to be used on a large scale.  I think of the Florida summer sun flattening the ground, of Arizona sand on fire to the touch.  A lot of this hotness is lost.

And I think of waves pulling away from shore and then running back, dancing away and back, to and fro, clockwork afloat.  Can these muscles of the earth not be harnessed?  Check out this article about Desertec and Solar energy from Solar Energy from the Sahara.