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If the fourth dimension is time

(which it must be)

then the fifth

is the force that infects

your soulmotions

how deeply into your heart

something accomplishes.

Now all dimensions

must (exist) (simultaneously)

and the hardest

to draw must be the first—

so basic

but the fulcrum

of all complexity

indelible artifact

marked up with its own fame

two, three = too easy


and four

meet to form

what we see as binding

a cord of time

corded flat motion


by shape

by purpose

white sweet bee

lace of flatness

petals of happening like grains of rice


Let be be finale of seem.

The only emperor is the emperor of ice-cream.

                                        –Wallace Stevens

You’re so used to resisting

This plea that you’re

Able to tell me all the times when you had to listen to Kayleigh regale you and beg of you the times when the sign was on—visible from everywhere on campus—and you’d have to tell her no,

Kayleigh, you’re drunk

You don’t need donuts but there was no reaching her when it was