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is BC in the middle

of AD seconds

and decades

and all the way back

until they kiss

and then reciprocally

AD seconds will be spliced

among each bite and laugh of old?

Time living in time,

impossibility germinating

bright in a dark cave of numb,

and numbness keeping up.


as USSR ≠ Russia

but I have an old globe

and it shows me the

bergs and landmasses

(as they are) just fine

as I blur my mind

and pretend that there are no countries.


For Christmas I made a wineglass set for my parents.  After painting the bases of the wineglasses with chalkboard paint, I began construction on the structure.  I began with two pieces of wood and cut each in half.  Then I plotted an arrangement of  wineglasses that would allow them to hang without overlapping.

 I then drilled holes and used a handsaw to cut out the sides of each notch.  After much sanding, I hammered the two side columns into place and finally the top piece.  I varnished the structure and attached felt to the bottom.